by Victoria Dahl

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77390-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Lori Love wants some loving. Her life is in a rut and she is lonely and afraid to move forward. Lori canít help thinking a hot love affair may be just the change she needs. But the question is, who does she want to have her sexy affair with? The pickings are slim in Tumble Creek, Colorado.

Quinn Jennings has been friends with Lori for a long time but he has never really noticed her as a woman until recently. When she visits his house to work on his backhoe, he cannot get her off his mind, and when he sees her dressed up in a slip of a dress, his heart stops. Quinn has never been good at relationships. Architecture is his passion and he can while away hours without once thinking about the woman he is supposed to be ďdatingĒ so he is thrilled when Lori proposes a no-strings affair. Itís perfect for him, right?

Quinn and Lori have heaps of chemistry and Quinn notices, big time. He is starting to want something more with Lori but she is hesitant at best. Lori believes her life is too messed up for anything serious, and with the news that her fatherís death ten years ago is being reinvestigated, her world is getting shaken up once more. Will Lori find the courage to move forward before she loses everything?

Start Me Up is a purely enjoyable love story from start to finish. Lori is a woman on a mission and that mission is to fulfill her deepest sexual desires. Of course, that means learning to give in to those desires and expressing them to Quinn which is much easier said than done. Lori may be a mechanic but at heart she loves reveling in her femininity and Quinn allows her to do that.

Though Loriís life is besieged with problems throughout the course of the story, the focus on her budding relationship with Quinn proved to be the best part of the story. Quinn is a bit of a dreamer and a bit of a bumbler around women, Lori in particular, a woman he cares about so much. Their relationship is far from smooth but itís honest and appealing.

With a winning duo as its stars, Start Me Up proves to be engaging and romantic. Victoria Dahl ups the ante with steaming hot love scenes and quirky dialogue. Start Me Up sizzles!

Reviewed in June 2009 by Sarah.

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