by Lissa Larer

June 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-382-9
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On one brutal Oregon day in June of 1885, Lara Whitmore witnesses a heinous bank robbery that leaves several dead. Though she is safe, Lara is tormented by the fact the outlaws have sworn to kill her. Fleeing with her newly orphaned niece Callie, Lara moves to RedRose.

In RedRose, Lara immediately attracts the attention of Deputy Marshal Tyler Montgomery. Awed by her beauty and strong personality and perplexed by the sadness in her eyes, Tyler wonders why Lara has come to RedRose. He cannot deny his attraction for her. Still no matter how beautiful Lara is and how well she cooks, Tyler Montgomery is not the marrying kind.

Lara is at her wit's end. Tyler is grating on her nerves one minute and then being incredibly sweet the next. She has no idea how she should think or feel about him. Actually, she shouldn’t feel at all. She is after all engaged to another man. But when the Rattlesnake Gulch Gang searches for Lara, and Tyler is assigned as her protector, the two must confront their feelings for each other while trying to nurture the traumatized Callie.

Despite a few editorial mistakes, Return to RedRose is a pleasant trip to the past. With a skilled stroke of the pen, Lissa Larrer paints a vivid picture of the Old West. The characters who sit upon the scenes, for the most part, are very appealing.

In spite of her bravery and determination to care for Callie, Lara did not impress me. Though she claimed to be a lady throughout the novel, she certainly did not always act like one. I found this contradiction as well as her impulsive behavior annoying.

Tyler was an interesting hero. I liked the way he changed his life around. His relationship with Callie was endearing. Some of their moments together brought tears to my eyes.

The members of the Montgomery clan were also fascinating. They brought much-needed humor and warmth to the story.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Natasha.

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