by Susan Mallery

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77383-1
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Mass Market Paperback

After surviving a brutal explosion aboard an oil rig, Izzy Titan is beaten down. With only thirty percent of her vision remaining, she is trapped in a world of darkness and shadows. There is a way to get out, but the surgery has its risks too and Izzy fears being left in the dark more than anything. Her sisters Lexi and Skye, know she needs more help than they can provide so they hire Nick Hollister to bring her out to his ranch to recover and hopefully, change her mind about the surgery.

Izzy is steaming mad that her sisters have forced her into this situation. She just wants to be at home with her family and not dwell on the possibility of the surgery. Instead, she is being forced to work with horses and to stumble around a property and home she has no visual memory of. It is definitely a tough situation but Nick is not going to let her stick in her funk. He will heal Izzy as best as he can. After all, that is why Garth Duncan asked him to bring Izzy to his ranch. Of course, Izzy does not know that Nick is best friends with Garth. When the truth is revealed, what will it do to Izzy’s budding relationship with Nick?

The third Titan sister gets her story in Straight From the Hip. Izzy is the daredevil of the family and she has met every challenge life has handed her. Needless to say, she turns into a bit of a wimp when her sight is taken from her. This is fairly normal and readers will certainly sympathize with her, even as they want to kick her out of her funk. Fortunately, as she builds confidence in her relationship with Nick, her own confidence and sass reappears.

Because of Nick’s hidden friendship with Garth, and the fact that Nick finds out that Garth is trying to bring down the Titan family but does not tell Izzy the truth, I cannot say I was behind him one hundred percent throughout the story. Nick does have his reasons which tempered my disappointment in him.

Straight From the Hip is the strongest of the three Titan sisters' stories thus far. Izzy may be down in the beginning but she does come back fighting and ready to tackle new challenges. She matures throughout the course of this story, making for interesting character development. And if nothing else, Susan Mallery has really whetted my appetite for Garth’s story.

Straight From the Hip is a sweet and appealing romance.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Sarah.

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