by Judith E.French Donna Jordan Jean Wilson

April 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7515-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Mackenzie`s Bride by Judith E. French - The Macneil and Mackenzie clans have been feuding for many years, in order to end the feuding a truce is declared: The oldest daughter of the Macneil clan will marry the warrior Callum Mackenzie, but instead a switch is made and Lorna Macneil illegitimate daughter of Alexander Macneil weds Callum instead of her older stepsister Una as the king ordered. Lorna at first wants nothing to do with Callum until he lifts her veil to reveal the man who once saved her life, the man she never forgot.

Simon`s Bride by Donna Jordan - He is known throughout the land as ”Richard`s Regret”, a loyal knight forgotten to the Saracens. After years of captivity, Simon has returned to England, King Richard has rewarded his bravery with a new manor and a fiancée, Elizabeth. Elizabeth, however loves another so Simon decides not to force her into marriage with him, and gives her permission to marry her beloved. Simon gives Elizabeth ”lessons” on how to her woo beloved— as they spend more time together, Simon soon fears that he has put his heart on the line for Elizabeth.

Saturday’s Bride by Jean Wilson - Monday for health, Tuesday for wealth, Wednesday best of all. Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, Saturday no luck at all, wed in May and you rue the day. Amelia Swanson is starting to believe just that when her beloved niece Molly, leaves her groom Warren Moneypenny standing at the altar. Molly has run off with Billy Sinclair, brother to Amelia’s ex-husband Chance, it has been fourteen years since the two have seen one another both are bitter from what has happened between them. As the pair searches for the young couple they rediscover their unrequited love.

All of the stories were well written and entertaining, but my favorite was Saturday’s Bride. It held one of my favorites subjects: a cowboy. Chance was very handsome and determined to win back Amelia’s love. Amelia was feisty and intelligent and desperately tried to fend off most of Chance’s advances. Amelia ‘s aunt Callie was a wonderful secondary character and her attempt to reunite the couple was hilarious. This was a very enjoyable read.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Ronica.