by Laurie Breton

February 2003
ISBN: 1-931742-90-1
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Sleeping With The Enemy was aptly named, at least in the mind, of the quirky heroine. Read on and you’ll understand what this reviewer means.

Maggie Gallagher Kennedy is an independent, single mother of two teenage children in her mid thirties. Okay she’s thirty-six to be precise, and a bit neurotic about men, due to her worm of an ex husband. When Maggie attends her brothers wedding, she meets her new sister-in-law’s brother Chris, and its lust at first sight. They share an afternoon of delight that leads to pregnancy, and their eventual marriage.

Chris Halvorsen is a schoolteacher in rural Maine where he lives with his teenage son. When he finds out Maggie is pregnant, he proposes marriage, she proposes pre-nuptial agreements. Maggie leaves her job in Boston to move to Maine, which makes her pretty unpopular with her children. Chris is falling in love with Maggie but Maggie guards her heart like Fort Knox. As the two set out to begin a life together with a blended family and a very caustic Maggie, nothing goes as planned. Tragedy strikes the newly formed family, and Maggie will be forced to make some tough choices of the heart, and reveal secrets kept well hidden.

The premise of this book was incredibly intriguing to this reviewer. I could not imagine anyone in this day and age marrying for the sake of a child, and most certainly not when the couple has been around the block a time or two. But somehow it worked and made complete sense, and Maggie’s pre-nuptial is by far one of the most well thought out agreements since the Declaration of Independence was signed! Maggie has more emotional baggage than Imelda Marcos has shoes, but her razor sharp wit and independence made this reader smile the entire read. She fights the notion of love with fierce determination, but her vulnerability speaks volumes. Maggie truly does feel she’s sleeping with the enemy; reliable men in her life have been few and far between, and all men in Maggie’s mind have become the enemy. She did harp quite a bit on her age, and quite frankly considering herself ancient at thirty-six seemed a bit out of place in a world where most couples are waiting to have families and instead forge careers.

Chris is a dream come true, quiet and solid in stark contrast to Maggie’s chaotic personality, still waters run deep with this guy. He is also incredibly gullible, and when he’s accused of having an affair with a student I couldn’t believe he didn’t see it coming. It kept me from giving the book a higher rating, because I simply could not fathom how he allowed himself to be put in the situation he was in. Teachers in the year 2003 are well aware of the hazards of their profession. Granted he teaches in a small town, but he’d been a teacher for quite sometime, and admittedly was aware of several crushes students had on him over the years. I felt incredible disappointment at such a smart man making such an insane choice, a choice that was obviously made without thought.

Without that hitch, this book was a near perfect read, with something new happening around every corner, well developed and humorous, with secondary characters that add to the plot.

Small town love in Maine, with a woman who has a tongue that’s so sharp it could rival a Ginsu and the man who wants to win her heart is Sleeping With The Enemy!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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