by Jaide Fox

April 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-412-7
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The Sky Fox takes you to the world of pirates and dragons, where love is found in the hearts of two strong willed people on opposite sides of the fence.

Lexie Foxfire is the Captain of the pirate ship the Vixen. Raised primarily by her brothers, Lexie doesn’t know much about the ways of a woman, and won’t even let herself dream that someday she might be a wife and mother. In short, no nonsense Lexie is one tough broad, and she’s found herself some pirate booty in the way of Riker Darwin!

Riker Darkwin is the Captain of the Royal Starfleet, and an enemy to pirates. When he’s captured aboard Lexie’s ship with a valuable stone, Lexie anchors him to her bed and plays pirate games! But Riker turns the tables and soon Lexie finds herself at a disadvantage, and Riker finds Lexie irresistible. Opposing forces falling in love can make for dangerous bed partners. Will Lexi give up her pirate’s life for the righteous Captain Darkwin? Can Riker convince her the right side of the law is where Lexie should be?

If you’re looking for a quick read this might be right up your alley. The author moves swiftly from one scene to the next, which makes for a fluid read. The mythical aspects were delightful, pet dragons, floating pirate ships and invisible cloaks are a fun break from the norm. Lexie and Riker needed just a bit more time to develop, their sexual liaisons were well done, but I needed a little more convincing in the area of emotional attachment. Still they were a good match; fiery and strong willed can make for a spicy combination! Again as in my past read from this author I had a question or two that was left unanswered, but nothing that disturbed the flow of the story.

This isn’t the love story of the millennium, but it certainly had some fun aspects to it that will keep you turning the pages. Feisty pirate wenches, a hunky do-gooder and a dragon or two thrown into the mix is The Sky Fox!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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