by Fiona Zedde, Sydney Molare, Kimberly Kaye Terry

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2904-5
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Trade Paperback

Sexual Attraction

by Fiona Zedde

DJ Denis Benoit is a hip hop disc jockey in Belgium, and he is finally getting the opportunity of a lifetime. He is going to America to start his career, so this is his last weekend here. Kenna is on vacation looking to have a good time and break out of the good girl doldrums. When Denis sees Kenna all he can think about is getting inside of her and making her sweat to his groove. What seems to be a chance meeting turns out to be a weekend of sexual explosion. While they cannot ignore the electricity that sparks when they are together, they really can not hope for anything more past this weekend or can they?

Driving My Man Wild

by Sydney Molare

Berze is a horny wife, pure and simple. She needs some good old-fashioned loving from her husband Jare, but he is hardly interested. Then Berze finds these HOT letters written by a husband and wife in the 1800s, she realizes her desires are not unnatural or weird, they are a sign of her true passionate nature. She then concocts a plan to seduce Jare to bend to her sexual will, and he enjoys every moment.


Kimberly Kaye Terry

Ever wish you had a second chance at love? Tessa does, but she will never admit it. She has been busy trying the champion the needs of the weak and the voiceless, and trying to ignore her own needs. Then someone tries to silence her, and things get really interesting. Her father is so worried about her, he hires the last person she would have ever imagined to protect her as her bodyguard, Gideon. Hot as ever intense stare makes Tessa remember all of those orgasmic sexual experiences seven years ago. Now he is forcing his way back into her life and he will not take no for an answer.

Satisfy Me Tonight is an erotic collection of stories that really get the motor running. Each story holds its own charm. The stories are about realistic romance, and how what appears to be lust driven sex could evolve into something more meaningful and lasting. Just a note: The story Captive on the back of the book is different from what is actually in the book, however you will not be disappointed. Get ready you are in for the erotic ride of your life!

Reviewed in April 2009 by Lakisha.