by Sahara Kelly

April 2003
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Who can make a male fairy (of all things) out of this world, to die for sexy? And, who can make an oversized pair of knockers the envy in all of Fairydom? Sahara Kelly that’s who! She does just that in Persephone’s Wings, a wild, magical tale where wings and being well endowed are highly sought after attributes. Look out readers, Sahara Kelly has taken on Shakespearean fairies, and the one thing you can count on is, Shakespeare and you the reader, will never be the same!

Persephone Jones has lost her temporary job and come home to an almost empty apartment on of all things, her birthday. Pat her feline with a fetish, is her only company when she lights a candle on her solitary birthday cupcake and makes a wish…

Welcome to Fairyland where blue men in leather live and play with gnomes, and XXL wings make a serious sexual statement!

Thorne Leatherfly is a sexy fairy (with leather wings mind you) and managerial hang-ups. He needs an efficient office manager, to run his office, and Persephone needs a partner to help her wings grow (what a way to grow) in order to stay in Fairyland. A match made in heaven one would think, but there’s a hitch. Persephone has some boob issues (sigh) they are quite frankly, the envy of Fairyland, and keeping her from performing her pre-nuptial flight. Read the book and you’ll know what I mean! If Persephone can’t fly she can’t stay in Fairyland. Is this the most serious crisis a couple can face? Nah, but it’s wildly entertaining, and a heck of a ride! But will Persephone choose to stay in Fairyland?

This has to be Ms. Kelly’s most outrageous adventure yet! I’ve been with her for genies, time travel, modern day twists on fairytales, but this… well this was a complete riot! Not in a million years would I have thought a fairy could set my senses on full tilt, but Thorne surely did! He’s possessive and gruff, and mouth wateringly sexy, and simply nuts about Persephone. Persephone is witty and hands out snappy retorts like treats! Her antics in Fairyland are enchanting; adjusting to wings can be a hardship not to mention all that good lovin!

The secondary characters like Phuque, Sal and Clover add to the comical goings on in Fairyland, keeping the giggles coming in waves. Consistent and humorous are Sahara Kelly traits and she only gets better with each book and with each new idea.

If an escape from reality is something you crave, and different and unique are your forte, then read Persephone’s Wings, you won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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