by Jaid Black

July 2001
ISBN: 0-970-71699-0
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Obsession has a hunky guy in a kilt and an author of suspense finding love isnít always about being predictable.

Neil Ross is a mathematics lecturer (yawn) and a pretty all round boring guy. Heís involved with a very predictable woman who attends church regularly and invites him to her mumís every Sunday for dinner. When Neil meets the whimsical Valentina Jason Elliot by chance heís enraptured by her breezy personality, and devil may care attitude. Neil decides to take a walk on the wild side after overhearing Valentinaís destination, following her in the hopes of getting acquainted.

Valentina Jason Elliot is an author on a trip to Scotland with her publishing company. When she discovers Neil has gone to the trouble of following her, sheís not only flattered but in lust! Valentina is a free spirit, and when she and Neil collide the very conservative lecturer sees sparks fly. Neil is drawn to Valentinaís impetuous nature, and her body which he canít seem to get enough of, but he fears heís too boring for her. Can Valentina prove to Neil that heís her kind of man?

Neil and Valentina are adorable, on top of insecure, needy and totally meant for each other. Neil didnít know he had it in him to be so carnal and possessive, but when he matches wits (not to mention bodies) with Valentina he discovers a side to him that he didnít know existed. Valentina while a free spirit isnít over the top ridiculous, though she is known to catch a guy off guard! Neil found a primal side to his staid personality that is positively yummy. Iíd take Neil any day of the week and twice on Sundays!

An all round fun read that I highly recommend, lusty and invigorating with a brogue to tickle your fancy is Obsession!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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