by Jaid Black

ISBN: 1-84360-016-1
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Tremors by Jaid Black was an intense and heady experience, enhanced with good character development and a unique plot.

Marie Robb meets the mysterious Fredrik Sorebo by chance. Or is it chance that brings Fredrick to whisper suggestive thoughts, and leave Marie intrigued?

When Marieís car breaks down in a deserted section of Sweden, Fredrik saves her and insists that she stay with him in his pretty spooky house. Fredrikís life and more importantly the past ten years of his life are shrouded in mystery. Fredrik was accused of murder, and the murder victimís mother warns Marie that she should steer clear of him. But whatís a girl to do when lost on a cold dark night? Without much choice, Marie opts to stay with Fredrik, where he convinces her to give him one week of her time. A week for what you ask? Well to seduce her of course! As Marie begins to fall in love with Fredrik, some disturbing accusations come to light. Will love or fear win in the game of love?

This was dark and seductive, and above all mysterious. Fredrik was a puzzle with missing pieces crying out to be found and put back together. While Marie knows Fredrik has been accused of a heinous crime, she canít resist his lust for her or his hauntingly seductive personality. Fredrik personified the word tortured, though strong and virile his vulnerabilities peek out occasionally, allowing the reader to build a solid emotional connection with him. Their lovemaking is a work of art; the need they feel for one another is palpable, and vivid.

If dark and haunting is your thing, then missing out on this would be considered a crime. Quick and to the point, with mysterious sensuality that will leave you begging for more is Tremors!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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