by Delle Jacobs

June 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-382-9
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Izzy Daventry is set to marry her steady and reliable parson, Mr. Donald Landerholme. Captain Tristan Trowbridge has chosen the practical Miss Patricia Morrowton as his future bride. Neither is aware of their fathers’ plans for them to marry - each other.

At first sight, Izzy and Tristan are at odds. To Tristan, Izzy is a careless, wild woman who has no idea what it takes to be a lady, and Izzy deems Tristan the most sullen man she has ever encountered.

Having planned the wedding since their children’s’ births, Viscount Trowbridge and his good pal Daventry expect the marriage to take place. They will support no other union but this one.

Rather than fight a public battle with their obstinate fathers, Tristan and Izzy concoct a plan to achieve their ends of marrying their own choices. All they need is a little assistance from Donald and Patricia.

But the road to presumed happiness and love is not always clear. Sometimes, the place you want to be least is the place where you most belong.

When I first began The Mudlark, I was unimpressed with the writing of the story. It seemed stilted despite the likeable characters. I was relieved when towards the middle of the novel Delle Jacobs shed her baby teeth and really began to chomp down on this charming little tale.

The interaction between Izzy and Tristan was magnetic. The two played off each other quite nicely. Dashes of humor tossed into their dialogue were the perfect complements to an enthralling relationship.

Although you learned a little about them from other characters, I would have enjoyed more scenes revolving around Donald and Patricia. I really felt that I needed to know more about them.

Still, The Mudlark is a pleasant read. Get comfy on the couch and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine tonight.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Natasha.

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