by Rachel Lee

May 2003
ISBN: 0-446-60991-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Priests with secrets, rogue government agents, a heroine with a past - all the makings of a wonderful mystery. And that’s what this one was.

Chloe Ryder has a dark past. She’s moved away from it and has turned in her badge to become a successful attorney. She has a cool exterior that no one, nor thing, can get past. But not even Chloe can keep her feelings hidden when a body is found in the sanctuary of her church and Father Brendan, beloved by the whole parish, is suspected of the crime.

Enter Detective Matthew Diel, Chloe’s former lover. He’s been put in charge of finding out what happened to the man found murdered and crucified on a cross in the church. And why the finger was pointed at Father Brendan.

To protect the priest, Chloe is forced to investigate the brutal crime with Matt, who’s still trying to deal with the fact he’s in love with her.

I enjoyed the mystery of this story, but that’s all there was to it. There wasn’t much romance between Matt and Chloe, even at the end there was no climax to the relationship. And I found the solution easy to come to and the ending, in the sense of justice, lacking.

Still, it was a unique read in the fact that instead of their being an alpha-male there was an alpha-female. Chloe will leave an impression on my mind for a long time to come, while Matt, who was seriously underdeveloped as a character, leaves more of a passing impression.

But I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a good mystery as long as they weren't particularly interested in a full romance.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Lucy.

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