by Kasey Michaels

November 2000
ISBN: 0-821-76844-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Major league sports has provided many a romantic hero for contemporary novelists - just pick up a book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips who gives us golfers and football players. This time around, Kasey Michaels has gone to the baseball stadium to find Jack Trehan. (Please, no puns about "Kasey at the bat...") Jack used to be a pitcher for the Yankees until he heard the three most feared words "damaged rotator cuff"!! His injury is a bad one and he's sidelined, pretty much forever!

Keely McBride doesn't give two hoots about baseball, her attention is completely on her job as an interior designer - she's desperate to make enough money to get back into the Manhattan business she lost (along with a lover) not long before.

Neither Keely nor Jack knows beans about babies! This is unfortunate because Jack is about to find one on his doorstep, and right behind the cutie pie in the pink blanket is Keely with her design ideas for his empty house! Jack and Keely strike a deal involving child-care, new furniture and employment, and the chase is on!!

This could have been a predictable, lightweight little romance, offering nothing beyond the norm, but thanks to the undeniable skill of Kasey Michaels, it rises above itself and becomes a delightful romp through the muddled fields of love! Love, I should add, that includes not only that which grows between Keely and Jack, but the love for little baby Candy (wait 'til you read how she gets her name!) which swamps everybody this precious tot comes into contact with!

A wonderfully drawn set of secondary characters inhabits this tale; you'll adore Jack's genius and funky baby-sitter (what a great teenager), Jack's Aunt Sadie, and his cousin Joey (Two Eyes) Moretti, yes, that's right, Joey Two Eyes!! The emphasis is on the fun - two single and successful career people stumble through parenting (it's hilarious), along with the ups and downs of the fiery sensual attraction that is growing between them! Oh and furniture shopping gets down and dirty - I took notes for the next time I need a couch!

This was a delightful book and my first Kasey Michaels novel - I can say with certainty that it will not be my last, especially when I heard that the story of Tim Trehan, Jack's brother, is on the way in 2002!!

Reviewed in November 2001 by Celia.

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