by Olivia Darling

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-440-24514-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

As sparkling as the champagne subject, Vintage brings readers a full-bodied novel reminiscent of Judith Krantz or Jackie Collins. There is passion, danger and betrayal within these pages, and I thoroughly enjoyed every scene.

Three of the world's most revered wine critics agree to a private wager. In five years' time, the vineyard they champion will be judged by the quality of their sparkling wine. The wager covers two continents, with vineyards in France, England and the United States involved.

The terms of the wager may be straightforward, but the vineyards are far from ideal. We have an English winery, inherited by the bastard daughter of the owner. Kelly Elson wants nothing to do with growing grapes. She wants to party or lay about the house drinking up the cellar treasures, lamenting over leaving London.

Madeleine Arsenault may have grown up at the Chateau Arsenault, but she has spent the last decade working in the London banking scene. Her father's death reveals poorly kept vines and a mountain of debt. She is not even sure she would be able to produce any wine at all.

Villa Bacchante is a charming Napa vineyard, recently purchased by movie star Bill Tarrant for his supermodel wife Christina Morgan. When the honeymoon is over, Christina decided to rebuild not only her life, but the brand as well.

As each of these women discover hidden strengths, the machinations of Mathieu Randon swirl about them. As head of Domaine Randon, he not only owns the premier vineyards in the world, but hungers for even more.

Vintage is a delight. Deliciously decadent, it keeps readers guessing through each subplot. Author Olivia Darling has penned a winner, perfect for the summer reading season.

Reviewed in May 2009 by Paula.

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