by Jodi Copeland, Lauren Dane, Kit Tunstall, Anya Bast

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-60531-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Spice
Trade Paperback

What Happens in Vegas...After Dark is the sequel to What Happens in Vegas. This book has the same four authors and in each story, they are some way connected to the first book.

In Hot For Revenge by Jodi Lynn Copeland, Ryan is having a hard time dealing with the loss of Jada in the fire almost a year later. No one knew of the turmoil and guilt he had over that apartment fire. In walks Deitre asking if he is still looking for a roommate. All he can think of is having sex with her when just moments before he was tired after his shift and heading upstairs to bed. Becoming his roommate was her goal and to drain Ryan of his life slowly by having sex with him and stealing his energy. After all that is what a succubus does. Can the two of them move on from the past or will it tear them apart? Can the feelings between the two of them be real or is it just Deitre making Ryan want her?

In Sensual Magic by Lauren Dane, William it seems has finally met his match in Nell Hunter. She walks into his club looking for answers on his ex-fiancť, Leah. William didnít know Leah was in Vegas but that didnít stop him from flirting with Nell and enjoying it immensely. Nell is on the hunt for Leah as she stole money from her Clan and she is out to see that she takes Leah into custody for the Clan to deal with. She knows something big is going to happen in Vegas to her, but she isnít sure what until she meets William and she realizes they are fated to belong together. They both enjoy the banter between them and William seems to think it is just a fling for them. Only he canít seem to stop thinking of her, even when he pushes her away.

In Divine Desires by Kit Tunstall, unbeknownst to Devi she is a latent vampire, who has to have blood transfusions and is allergic to the sun. She doesnít know why, but that is just the way her life is until Malkiel walks into her tattoo shop. Mal wants the power and the energy that Devi doesnít know she has to save his father from a poisoning that only a latent vampire can offer. Mal sets out to seduce Devi and in the process of having sex, steal her power leaving her weaker after each time. Only things donít quite turn out the way he thought, he falls hard for Devi and she lets herself start having feelings for him. Will he be able to follow through with his mission? What happens when trouble enters the picture for them both?

Anya Bast has the last story in this anthology, called The Promise. Damien isnít ready to marry Cassidy even though he said he would, he thought it was the right thing to do and the next step in their relationship. Only it seems other forces are at work and on his wedding day they decide to introduce him to his true self. Leaving Cassidy at the alter and him at the feet of a woman he hasnít met before and is instantly attracted to, isnít something he had planned, but had no way of stopping. The attraction between Damien and Elena is there from the first and only gets stronger as the time passes. The feelings between the two of them are strong, but will it help in the end?

The characters in each story end up in either the Liege and in most of the time across from the Liege in a club hidden to humans called Darkness. Some very strange things happen in Darkness in all of the stories. Iím glad to see that William met his match and could bring him to his knees; and Devi learned why her life had been like it was growing up and she took it pretty well in stride considering what Mal had done. Ryan and Deitreís story while good, just didnít do that much for me. Iím glad to see that Damien had a very good reason for why he left Cassidy at the alter and glad he found the love of his life.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Pam.