by Caridad Pineiro

November 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-54383-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Cellist Caterina (Cat) Shaw, who lives for her music, is living on borrowed time and her illness has caused her to go blind. Only a radical gene therapy could possibly save her life so she agrees to the treatment. What she doesn’t realize yet is that the doctors she has signed her life over to aren’t the most ethical. Six months later, after a heinous act occurs in the clinic, Cat escapes. During her escape, she realizes something else – she’s not quite human.

Mick Carrera is a “security specialist”, known for either solving problems or eliminating them. However, he’s at a loss when he gets a call from Dr. Edwards, co-owner of a biotech company. He’s astounded when he discovers that the other co-owner has been murdered and the “suspect” is Caterina Shaw, especially considering the method of murder and the amount of blood. However, Mick has a feeling that he’s not being told the entire story but he takes the assignment, anyway.

Caridid Pineiro’s Sins of the Flesh has an exciting story line I’ve not read before and while it’s very interesting, it’s also a bit too scientific for me. However, that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of it much. Luckily, the talk of genes, DNA and all that scientific stuff is kept to a minimum.

Cat really didn’t have a chance – she’s a trusting soul and when she’s given a shot at that second chance at life, she takes it, not knowing she will be, in fact, a guinea pig. Mick knows he doesn’t have the whole story but once he captures Cat and with the assistance of his sister Liliana, a doctor, maybe he can get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on in that lab! Dr. Edwards has many millions of reasons to want Cat back or dead, whichever, and he’s not too terribly picky about who, when, how – he just wants it done and fast – which is why he hires not one, but two, people to take Cat out. There are many villains in this book – the lab and all associated with it, the sociopath, an acquaintance from Mick’s past, hired by a member of the lab to eliminate Cat, Mick’s sister Liliana’s abusive ex-fiancée.

Aside from the scientific descriptions, the love scenes felt BLAH. There was no heat, no passion, no nothing!

It looks like there will be a second book, featuring Liliana, that I’m looking forward to reading. If you like suspense, along with action, you might want to consider giving this book a try!

Reviewed in April 2010 by PamL.

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