by Angela Knight and Diane Whiteside

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Captive Dreams teams a duo of authors, and poses a question or two. What would you do if the Alpha hero you’ve created in you’re books became a reality?

Sisters Celeste and Corinne Carson are successful authors. Each have their own ongoing series, featuring two hunky guys they’ve molded (and tortured) into their dream men. What the sisters don’t know is that these men don’t just exist on paper, and they’ve been waiting for a chance to exact revenge for all of the heartache the women have caused them over the years. Now that their chance has come due to a little magic, they whisk each woman off to the worlds they’ve created, and force them to face the realities of the words they put on paper.

Corinne writes of the handsome (and huge) Mykhayl or Mykh. He lives in a world where cats talk and dragons rule, a barbarian at best. Mykh has a problem though, when Corinne wrote about a scene that not only almost killed him, she also stole his fertility. Needless to say Mykh is not a happy camper and he intends to make Corinne pay! Corinne thinks Mykh is hotter than hot, but she has some baggage to unload, can Mykh the virile barbarian help? Will Corinne be able to rewrite past damage and beef up Mykh’s sperm count?

Celeste pens Jarred Varrain’s battles in the future. He’s lusted for Celeste since the beginning, and his frustration has mounted. Jarred is an agent of the Stellar compact, and an angry one at that. Celeste killed his good friend Garr, and now plans to off him, but Jarred has other plans. First he’ll have his dominant way with her, and then he’ll ship her off to his good friend and Krystarian King, De’Lar, a man who has a harem of sexsub’s. Celeste’s wild fantasy man has become a reality, but he harbors a grudge. Can Celeste convince him she’s more that something he needs to work out of his system?

What will these women do when faced with the possibility that the dream men they’ve created are a whole lot more than they bargained for in reality?

This was campy and a whole lot of fun! Having the dream man you’ve created on paper come to life was a fresh idea. Knowing what he’s thinking and feeling because you’ve created him gives a girl a special advantage, and also brings to mind this thought; sometimes you get what you wish for!

Mykh and Corinne were hysterical; as Mykh begins to get over his anger with Corinne he sees the vulnerable side to her. He begins to regret his harsh assessment’s and works at winning her love. Jarred on the other hand takes his sweet time warming up to Celeste, but the warming up was oh so hot! Celeste was one feisty girl, and gives Jarred more than her body in the process.

Unique and decidedly different is Captive Dreams!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.