by Roberta Gellis

February 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2089-9
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Roger St. Eyre goes to France on behalf of a friend to try to rescue Henry de Conyers and his daughter Leonie. He knows the task will be difficult as it is the middle of the French Revolution.

Leonie is a spirited young woman who has gone through unspeakable horrors at the hands of her captors. When Roger comes for her, her father dies and she is all alone.

Roger had been married to a cold woman who made him doubt whether he could ever be a good lover. Leonie discovers that she can make him feel love again by trusting her heart to him.

The secondary characters in the story are very much a part of the tale. Each one has his or her purpose in the book to make the story hold together. The lives of them all in the turbulent times they live in make an exciting but at times fearful story.

I loved this story from the opening chapter. The tension jumps from the pages. The stark horror of the revolution is told in full detail and makes the reader feel strongly for what Leonie has suffered and the dangers that still lie ahead of Roger and Leonie before they are safely back in England.

Roberta Gellis makes her characters come alive and the reader will feel drawn into the drama of their lives and feel the need to follow them from page to page as they try to reach England and safety.

I really enjoyed The English Heiress and can highly recommend it as a book worth buying. Full marks to Roberts Gellis for giving me one of the best historical reads in a long time.

Definitely a 5 rose review from this reviewer.

Reviewed in January 2010 by Mary.

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