by Pamela Johnson

March 2002
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Collin McCarthy blames himself for the death of his father many years ago. When he was a young boy he was not as strong as he should have been because of his numerous battles with various illnesses. They set out on that faithful stormy day to try to catch some fish to bring in money for the family. Collin had a feeling that the day would not bode well and it did not. During one of his many battles as a young boy it caused his vocal chords to become damaged. This in turn caused him to no longer talk to anyone except his dog.

Grace O’Malley is pretty and tries to draw Collin out to see if he will talk to her. Grace works at the local pub which Collin frequents. Well, she hasn’t been able to do it yet. But she keeps trying. Grace also has a bad problem that is not known to Collin and probably no one outside her family. The problem gets her into danger that she is not even aware of, nor does she know how much danger she is actually in.

Can the danger that places Grace in harm's way cause Collin to finally talk after so many years or will he still hold his tongue? Can it also bring the two of them together?

Collin McCarthy’s Kiss is an easy and quick read. Although this is another short story by Pamela Johnson, it is not one of my favorites. We learned a lot about Collin but very little about Grace and why he liked her. We know that she is nice, gracious and has a kind heart, but that is it. I would have liked to see a little bit more about Grace in the story. Yes I know it is a short story, but one could hope.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Pam.

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