by Leslie Burbank

December 2001
ISBN: 1-59080-015-X
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Leslie Burbank’s To Tame A Viking is one of the best books I have read lately. The action is non-stop and fast paced and the romance is seductive. This is the first novel Leslie Burbank has written and if the reader can go by the content of this story, there is much to look forward to from this new author. Her writing is exciting and vibrant, and full of interesting twists and turns.

There is a play on names that I found quite amusing. To start with we have a Viking warrior queen whose name is Silke. Well, let me tell you that this lady is anything but silk. She is a very tough and fierce leader in war and by all appearances doesn’t need anyone or anything to keep her happy. With one exception - her brother Aragon who is all the family she has left and is basically the center of her life. Until one day Silke meets Lord Steele who changes everything for her. Even as she tries to escape from her handsome captor, her heart becomes entangled with his, irrevocably. Lord Steele has the power to bring out the softer, female side of Silke, a side that she didn’t even know she possessed. Then, there is the name of Lord Steele. While he is a mighty leader for his people, he believes in peace above all else and has formed a plan for marrying the Viking queen to bring peace to his people. You might expect from a name like Steele that he would be hard and tough; instead the reader finds a very patient, gentle, and loving man. He knows how to be tough when he is forced, but he does everything he can to resolve issues without being harsh.

The second part of the tale is about Aragon and his Lady Thunder. Aragon is one of the Berserkers or “shape shifters” who by the light of the moon is turned into a wolf and then at daybreak returns to his human form. Legend has it that the only way to break the spell is for him to find a maiden of different blood and a pure heart who would come to him willingly for three nights and love him. Lady Thunder is a compassionate leader (another play on names.) The Viking gang led by Bluetooth has attacked her people, and she agrees to marry him to stop the attacks and plundering of their land. Bluetooth, however, has no honor and she begins to see that even after they are married he will not stop and her people will only be in more danger. All of this combines to make a win/win situation for Aragon and Lady Thunder and they strike a bargain. What neither of them counted on was falling in love.

Leslie Burbank is very talented and shows much promise. I hope that we will see more work coming from her soon. The possibilities for a writer with such flair are endless. This is a must read for everyone who loves edge of your seat action. One piece of advise, give yourself plenty of time when you start reading, because you will not want to put it down!

Reviewed in February 2002 by Angela.

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