by Christina Dodd

March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22626-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Hannah Grey is a licensed nurse and has just lost an elderly gentleman while he was in her care. He leaves her with $50,000. His family convinces the judge that she did more than her job and gave the wealthy man sexual favors - which isnít true but sheís got to prove it if she can. Without her license she must live off the money she was left until she can clear her name. Being that she doesnít have a job and is desperate, she accepts a job for Carrick Manly. She will have to move to Maine and take care of his mother, who happens to be a very difficult patient. What Hannah didnít realize is that she is expected to spy on Mrs. Manly for Carrick. It seems as if she has a secret about her husband and an amount of hidden money.

Carrick hires Gabriel Prescott to watch the nurse and trying to see if his ailing Mother tells her where the money is. After setting up surveillance devices, Gabriel watches Hannah and his mother for days. He observes a caring and loving nurse helping Mrs. Manly. If there are any secrets being told he isnít hearing them Ė and heís got every room in the house wired.

Mrs. Manly wants to have a party and feels it might be her last fling before she dies or goes to jail because of her husband. While the Manly Halloween Party is going, she starts feeling ill. Hannah has every thing ready in case she overdoes it and after giving her the proper medication, Carrickís mother dies. Carrick blames Hannah and now she is on the run.

Gabriel wonít stop until he finds Hannah Ė and Carrick is doing all he can to force him into finding her. When he does, can he believe that Hannah is innocent and help her prove it or does he turn her over to the police? Does Hannah know where the money is or where Gabrielís real father is? If the truth comes out, will Hannah run from Gabriel when she learns her true identity?

I enjoyed Danger In A Red Dress by Christina Dodd and it is a book that can stand alone. I havenít read the other books from this series but I shall look into reading them. I would love to meet the other characters and see how they all come together in this last book.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Theresa.

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