by Anny Cook

January 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1909-1
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At the tender age of 16, Samara was brutally raped, thus forcing her to a life of never being able to have a bond mate, according to the rules of the valley. It was required to be a virgin to acquire a bond mate or even to have children. She is now a mature 26 trying to accept the life fate has dealt her. Samara appears to be content with being a school teacher and producing a newspaper, but on the inside she is lonely and heartbroken. Her only sexual encounter being violent and unwanted makes her wonder what is all the fuss about sex anyway.

Bishop has been ambushed and kidnapped by his friend Traveller and now they are both in hiding from their main enemy, Bishop's father. Now, Traveller has badly injured himself and Bishop is dragging him through a cave in the Appalachian Mountains trying to help him survive. While in the cave Bishop smells roses and hears a waterfall. He does not realize he has just found the Mystic Valley where his brother and other family members are living in an erotic paradise.

Bishop sees Samara and his cock stands at attention. He does not really know or understand the rules of Mystic Valley. He just wants to sample the sexual faire. Samara is laying out in her yard naked and unashamed, and she sees the extent of his desire rising for her. She is not interested in her own pleasure, but is intrigued by his body's response to her. Bishop is fascinated by the naked woman who is fondling and sucking him to oblivion. It seems as though they are on their way to a lifetime of erotic bliss, but Bishop's selfishness and an enemy from Samara's past threatens their lives and any hope for the future.

Love Never Ending seems like it is going to be a sappy love story, but it is not. It is an erotic, mystical piece of work. Anny Cook's love scenes create an imagery of sexual proportions. From the first thrust to the mind blowing orgasm, Cook's descriptions leave you panting for release. This story is an adventurous, sensual story that will entice you for more of her work.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Lakisha.

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