by Pamela Palmer

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-166751-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Within the backwoods house she grew up, Kara MacAllister is nursing her dying mother, never suspecting what is about to descend on her. A few months back strange markings appeared on her chest, but being caught up in her mother’s illness, Kara shrugged it off. Confronted in her home by a huge erotically handsome man, Kara is whisked away from all she has ever known and thrust into the world of the Feral Warriors.

Eons ago, the Therian race fought for control of the earth against their enemies the Mage who had a pact with Satan. The Therian elite warriors who can shape-shift into different animals of prey are relentless in their quest to keep order for all beings of earth, even humans. These powerful men still exist, but are in dire need. Their “Radiant” a female Therian who can control the energy of mother earth and channel the power that enables them to shift has been killed. According to ancient laws only when one Radiant dies will another come forth. The markings on her chest will prove she is the one. The Feral Warriors have tracked their new Radiant. Their leader, the mighty Lyon whisks her from the only life she has ever known and their lives will never be the same. Lyon must convince Kara of whom she really is; teach her what she must know to help his men regain control of their inner beasts, and keep her safe from the evil that wants to destroy Kara before she can ascend as a full Radiant. Desire will become untamed once Lyon gets a taste of his new Radiant, but if he goes against what the goddess wishes for Kara when she takes her mate, then all could be lost, forever!

Author Pamela Palmer begins a paranormal series that has a lot of potential with Desire Untamed. Yet, there are issues with the convoluted plotline. Kara is raised human, but it is never defined how that came to be. Another confusing point in the story was the previous Radiant that died. If the Radiant must mate with one of the Ferals, then who was the previous Radiant’s mate? I want to see the progression of this series, because the Feral Warriors all seem to be sexy beasts!

Reviewed in July 2009 by Bonnie.

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