by Pamela Johnson

January 2002
ISBN: 1-59080-066-4
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Take a lonely, quiet, keep to himself kind a man and throw him a headstrong, living for the day woman who is also a teacher of 2nd graders, what do you think happens? Chaos and havoc? Well you would think that when they are all stranded together in a house and the road is not passable. Especially when the man, Wyatt Kennison, was not expecting company on the cold and snowy day then Ms. Aimee Worth showed up with the class to show them how a ranch worked and how the animals kept warm in the winter.

Aimee has known grief in her life when her sister and a friend were killed in a car accident around Christmas time two years before. But Aimee has moved on with her life with the help of her parents, when she took a teaching job in End of the Line, Montana. So what does one do in the winter when everyone is snowed in at their houses? Why take college courses online of course. Which is something that Aimee decided to do.

Wyatt is the silent, handsome, keeps to himself type of man; that doesn’t speak to anyone unless he has to. He is lonely, especially around the holidays since his stepfather passed away. So what does he do to pass the winter away - college courses as well. The problem is, he is having a hard time keeping Aimee off his mind, since he first meet her a few days before.

Well the attraction between the two grows more and more especially since they are stranded together. The children sort of put a damper on how they act around each other but it is fun to see how the children affect Wyatt. The effect on him is something that you will just have to read for yourself.

Stranded With Children is a heartwarming story. It shows the effect people have on others when they least expect it and how that effectiveness can leave them. How the impressions of others view you and how you are viewed by someone who cares enough to learn a little about you. Stranded With Children is a worthwhile read and had me laughing a time or two. It is not something to be passed on because it is an e-book and a quick read.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Pam.

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