by Lynn Kurland

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-515-14624-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lynn Kurland's time traveling tales have been entertaining readers for several years, and it is always fun to imagine who will fall through a portal in the next book. Her latest novel, Till There Was You, is no exception. Readers will laugh, cry and sigh as love finally conquers all.

Architect Zachary Smith is no stranger to time-travel. In fact, he has accompanied Jamie MacLeod on several adventures as they continue to map all of the portals that they have found in Scotland and England. He has opened the keep's door on several occasions to admit people dressed in medieval garb and uncertain of their sanity. With an extensive renovation project in the works, the last thing he wants is to go gallivanting in another time. He likes his creature comforts, his junk food and his life – just as it is. Visiting Artane, he is pleased to learn that no “paranormal” activity has actually happened within the castle walls. The current de Piaget in residence, Gideon, admits to hearing tales of other adventures but has never been on one himself. Zachary is relieved, and looking forward to exploring the centuries-old structure as inspiration for his own project. One wrong turn was all it took.

Zachary finds himself in the ladies solar, Castle Artane, mid 13th century. Eager to return to his time without being discovered, he ducks into the nearest closet. It turns out that the garderobe is currently being occupied by another castle fugitive, Mary of Artane, the daughter of legendary Robin, who is hiding from an overzealous suitor. Neither of them are prepared for the consequences of their encounter.

Till There Was You is a page-turning read filled with humor and emotion. The love story builds slowly since Zachary knows he should leave no imprint upon the past, and is determined to find his way back to 2006. Mary is an anomaly, the daughter of an important nobleman, yet unwed by her mid-twenties. She has a degree of freedom unusual for the era, and yet completely believable given the family dynamic. Ms. Kurland introduces several new characters, hopefully for future books, and revisits old friends from other novels. If you have never read any of these novels, Till There Was You will send you scurrying for her backlist in short-order.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Paula.

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