by Treva Harte

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The Seduction of Sean Nolan is one of the earliest entries ever at Ellora’s Cave. The beginning of a collection of many romanticas to follow, but definitely the start of something incredible. I’ve read nearly all of Ms. Harte’s work, this story is what began her career and the reason why she’s become so popular.

Sean Nolan is a Civil war soldier, and while he lies dying in a hospital bed, he makes a final wish. Sean is a virgin, a very young one, and he wants to experience a woman once before he dies.

He gets his wish in the way of Nell, a teaching assistant working on her dissertation about the Civil War. One minute she’s working on her computer, the next she’s in a war torn hospital, holding a dying man in her arms, fulfilling his dying wish. Nell wakes back up at her computer, and thinks its all a dream, until she finds Sean wounded and lying on her couch. Nell decides this is her fantasy made reality and though she’s older than Sean she’s willing to indulge.

The couple can’t keep their hands off one another, but the fear that Sean will be banished back to his Civil war era if they consummate their relationship keeps them innovative and frustrated. Will the lovers be torn apart if they give in to their deepest desires?

I came into the romantica arena not knowing where it all started, and quite frankly once I was hooked I didn’t care. However now I see where the idea all began and why it has become a force to be reckoned with!

This short story had so much to offer in the way of not only the gratification in having the terms for one’s anatomy bluntly used (not a hard member to be found), but in the fierce loving relationship which developed in such a short format. I lusted for Sean, and his boyish charms, that grew into some very possessive, adult male traits. The battle for Nell was of course her age, but she handled it very well, and who wouldn’t with Sean around? My tiny gripe would be that Sean was mortally wounded in his time, but upon his arrival in the future he mended far too quickly, and plenty quickly when he managed to play hanky panky in the shower with Nell. Yes Nell had some antibiotics, but my thought was that Sean had a pretty serious wound and maybe something more extreme than antibiotics were needed.

I loved everything about this story, and then some. Strong characters, rich history, and a Civil War soldier to sink your teeth into is The Seduction of Sean Nolan>

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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