by Carly Phillips

June 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77375-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Have I ever told you that I love connected stories? I truly can not get enough of them, but I find that there is often one problemÖI tend to not like the middle story in a trilogy. I often find it a filler book between the first book which sets up the story, and the third book which wraps up the story.

This June Carly Phillips offer a middle book in her trilogy which breaks the above mold and is highly entertaining, and will keep readers turning the pages until the very end! Lucky Streak takes us back into the crazy mixed up Corwin family whose elders believe that a curse has been placed on them so that they will never live happily ever after.

In Lucky Streak Mike Corwin has gone to Las Vegas to celebrate the wedding of one of his closest friends. He never expects to not only pick up a one night stand, but to end up married to her either! However, back home in Boston he is a police officer, and when he sees the damsel in distress he canít resist, even if he does go overboard.

Amber Rose has grown up in Las Vegas and learned to count cards at her fatherís knee. She knows itís cheating, and yet she sees it as the only way to provide for the expensive care he requires as he battles Alzheimerís. When Mike see Amberís partner being a bit rough with her, and rescues her she too sees it as a much needed break, but as the day progresses she can see her one night stand turning into something special.

Can a marriage based on nothing more than a fun day in the excitement that is Las Vegas truly survive? What could you really learn about the person you pledged your life to in just twenty-four hours? For Amber she feels she has learned a lot about Mike, but Mike has learned that he canít trust Amber, and he begins to feel as though the curse might be true after all.

Lucky Streak is a fun filled read. There are plenty of quirky characters, yet when push comes to shove they show what they are made of, and donít come off as clowns, but rather as loving and caring people who truly care about their families, and others.

Iím really looking forward to October and the concluding book, Lucky Break.

Reviewed in May 2009 by Sandi.

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