by Lorie O`Clare

April 2009
ISBN: 0-312-94341-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

From her abduction and imprisonment at 18, Grace Jordan has worked relentlessly to put her past behind her. Shifting her police career from an urban setting to rural South Dakota, she hopes the slower pace will be a better setting to raise her daughter, Rachel. Then a madman starts killing teenage girls.

Justin Reece never expected to come back to his hometown on a case, but the FBI agent knows that evil can exist anywhere. He hopes this will give him a chance to reconnect with his kids, who resent the travel and distance that his job requires. He also doesn't expect to find someone like Grace Jordan in Rockville, but her past may be part of the problem.

Author Lorie O'Clare brings readers the first in a series of FBI-based romantic suspense novels with Tall, Dark and Deadly. Grace has overcome the horror of her life only to be faced with something even more dangerous a man like Justin. She is unprepared for the attraction she feels, unwilling to play games with his ex-wife, and unstoppable in her pursuit of the killer.

This story is definitely a gripping novel filled with suspense and danger. The romance runs alongside, interjecting itself into the strong plot in a believable way. Readers will be captured from the prologue to the final pages as Grace and Justin come to grips with their attraction while tracking down a serial killer. It will be interesting to see where the series goes next.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Paula.

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