by Loretta Chase

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-163266-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Miss ZoŽ Lexhamís return to England is miraculous as well as the largest scandal in the making the ton has seen this season. For the last twelve years, ZoŽ has been locked in a harem in the east as one of the pampered wives of a pashaís son. She has been taught the sensual arts to please a man but she wants nothing more than to be free, to return to her family. However, her return to her family, her rightful place in society is a scandal in the making unless she can be taught all she has forgotten about what a lady should and shouldnít do. This is where Lucien de Grey, the Duke of Marchmont, walks in. He knows the Beau Monde, and ZoŽ, like the back of his hand, so saving her from herself should be fairly easy. That is if he can get the headstrong girl to listen to him - and keep his mind focused on the task at hand and not her every sensual movement.

There is more to Lucienís helping hand than is apparent, though. When ZoŽ disappeared Lucien was devastated. Now that she has been found and returned to him he refuses to lose her again Ė not to scandal and not to an unseen attacker.

Loretta Chase never disappoints! Donít Tempt Me will lure even the most reluctant reader to indulge in this funny, intelligent, sensual romp through Regency England. This book is a charming classic filled with unforgettable characters and one-liners.


Reviewed in June 2009 by Cynthia.

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