by Pamela Johnson

August 2002
ISBN: 1-59080-183-0
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We meet Natalie, who in her spare time is a romance writer. Her problem is that her computer is giving her fits, always locking up on her. Well she had enough of it when she went to save the ending of her story and it locked up on her. So what does any sane and normal person do that has tried all the little tricks to get it unfrozen and not lose any information? We call technical support.

Well at the end of the technical support line, that took her forever to get an actual live person on the other end, was a computer geek that had her smiling. He also had her telling him about her current story line, and needless to say the problem could not be fixed. Natalie liked his voice and was having visions of re-writing part of her story.

Can the computer geek help Natalie fix her problem? Belinda, a friend of Natalie's and a writer as well, suggest she bring over a friend to look at Natalie's computer since he is sort of a computer geek. Well in walks Brian, Belinda's friend, and Natalie falls for him, maybe rethinking her ending to her story again. Can Brian fix the computer problem or does Natalie get to call the computer techno geek back? When all she wants to do is hear his voice.

Internet Connection is a short story with a few good elements and surprises along the way. It is funny and oh so true when it comes to computers. If you are looking for a quick read when you have a few minutes to spare then this story is for you.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Pam.

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