by Dorothy McFalls

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1594147678
Reviewer Graphic Button Five Star

The Nude is a well-written story about everlasting love and the trials and tribulations necessary to achieve it. Countess Elsbeth Mercer's husband was a heartless bastard that violently abused and misused her. Thankfully, he did her a favor and died. She expected to live the rest of her days in peace with her uncle and his daughters until she finds herself in the middle of a major scandal.

Dionysus, a recluse painter, has painted a nude picture of her. How can that be, when she has never even seen her own body completely nude? Unfortunately, the ton believes she is a strumpet and a trollop who posed for this picture. Her uncle does not believe her and she is in the middle of many lies. Counter Mercer believes that Dionysus tricked her into a brutal marriage and now is out to ruin her reputation. She vows to discover the identity of Dionysus and unmask him for the fiend that he is.

Nigel, the Marquess of Edgewere, has been secretly in love with Elsbeth since she was very young. He vows to clean up her reputation and in the meanwhile try to seduce her. Guess what? That plan is almost useless because her experience with men has taught her to stay away from them or they will brutalize her. Not to mention someone is trying to kill Nigel and wants to use Elsbeth in the process.

As Elsbeth is trying to ignore the erotic attraction she has towards Nigel, she is caught between the fear from her last marriage and the hunger between her legs. Nigel and Elsbeth have to overcome murder, smugglers, and their past to even think on the future. Will the be able to?

The Nude suspenseful and romantic. Dorothy McFalls captures the essence of Regency romance. The importance of the ton and public opinion, the helplessness of being a woman during that time, and the absolute authority a man has over his female relatives are all captured in this story. She weaves a story with mystery and murder mixed with erotic love play. It was hard to put this page turner down. You get so caught up in in her story, you feel like you are a part of the action. Do not miss this fresh voice in romance, you will surely miss a treat.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Lakisha.

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