by Christine Warren

April 2009
ISBN: 0-312-94792-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Since she started the Others series, author Christine Warren has always kept a touch of humor in her writing. Never has it been so evident than in her latest book, You're So Vein. Just reading the title makes me chuckle.

Former supermodel and successful businesswoman Ava Markham is annoyed. All of her closest girlfriends have gone over to the Other side, mating and marrying werewolves and vampires. She had enough bloodsuckers in her life on the runway, and has no use for non-humans. Oh, she will make nice to her friends and their husbands, but that's it. She has no interest in hanging out with them much less date one.

When she is brutally attacked by a rogue vampire, Vladimir “Dima” Rurikovich steps in to save her. She is near death, and he hopes a few hours of rest will aid in her recovery. Unfortunately, the attack left her with another problem. Fighting off the rogue, she used an age-old tactic – she bit him. Now that reciprocal bite has infected her system and she is turning into the monster she fears the most.

One minute vampire-bait, the next a soulless blood-sucking fiend! Ava doesn't know how to even process this information. All she knows is that Dima, whoever he is, has no business telling her what to do. She is Ava Markham and she will do whatever she wants!

This new relationship is just the tip of the iceberg in You're So Vein. Much darker aspects are at work, and Ava and Dima are caught squarely in the middle of it. There will be plenty of help from the Council of Others since the danger threatens them all. This novel keeps the action coming, but not at the expense of the character development. Readers will find plenty to enjoy.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Paula.

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