by Lacy Danes

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2059-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Grace is a disillusioned widow that craves the touch of a man who knows his way around a woman's body.

Lily is an innocent who knows nothing of the world and just wants to prove that the rumors about her brother's debauchery are not true.

Grace and Lily's paths cross at the Cyprian's Ball. Lily is taken aback by the sexual explicit acts she witnesses and Grace is a veteran to these types of parties because of her husband.

Grace, Lady Wentland, is disguised as a courtesan which will allow her to engage in erotic activities of the night. However, while she is there, she runs into Winston Grey, her and her brother's long time friend. She had always been attracted to him, but when he left for India, she never dared to hope. Now this smoldering gentleman has eyes for her. At first, she does not dare desire him, but the the of their erotic attraction takes over and there is use resisting the wicked heat that is burning between them.

Innocent Lily is helped into a disguise by Grace. While she is searching for her brother she solicits the help of a known rake and friend of her brother's, Vincent St. Jerome. He releases her inner voyeur by giving her a peek of others within the throes of fleshly delights. As she is watching, she begins to crave St. Jerome touching her in the places that she touches herself at night in the dark. Her hunger opens her to wants and cravings she can not believe can be so intense.

Being Wicked is a really great story. Danes tells the story in parellel. She makes you want to know what happened with the widow as well as the innocent girl. I had one problem. There were past situations mentioned that would have given more background to Lily and Grace and then the subject was summarily dropped. I would have like to know a little more background on both of these characters. She did leave me wanting more of the story.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Lakisha.

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