by Jodi Lynn Copeland

February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2712-4
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Trade Paperback

Ecstasy Island is a healing resort that caters to the fears and needs of those whose lives have been turned upside down through events that have taken place in their lives. Their use of the sensual arts to compel a person's healing is very alternative, but has been proven to be quite effective.

Killing Me Softly

Chris Cavanaugh is their head healer. He feels he is teaching women to realize their full potential as a person, and giving them the tools to be confident, successful people. However, being with the different women is starting to wear thin. Then he meets Claire Vaughn, and his whole life is turned around.

Claire Vaughn was an ace reporter for the Herald. She had the right job, the right man, and the right connections, until The Incident changed her life forever. Her boyfriend broke up with her, and she could no longer go out in public without having a “freak out”. Her sister arranges for her to be kidnapped and taken to Ecstasy Island so she can be freed of her fears, but Claire has no idea what is in store for her.

Chris is now Claire's healer. He knows she is a recluse with fears, but he soon discovers Claire to be a sexually imaginative, strong willed woman. As he begans to heal her, her effect on him begans to heal him of his dark and hurtful past. Not only that, someone is trying to frame him for embezzlement of the resort's money. Can Chris and Claire move past the obstacles to heal one another of the past?

In Living Color

Treah Baldwin is the owner of Ecstasy Island. He believes in the importance of each woman getting individualized care from their healer, thus making his resort a raving success. Then a blast from the past returns to his life after eight years. He wants to help her, but can he keep his emotions in check?

Dana Lancer feels her life is going just the way she wants. She is the Assistant Curator at an art museum and she is engaged to her boss, however, in the back in her mind she feels rather than knows something is missing. Her twin, Deanna, knows she is not as happy as she pretends to be and arranges her to wisk away to Ecstasy Island to be reunited with her first love Treah.

Treah and Dana meet again and they try to ignore the sparks that still exist between them, but one day when they are stranded on a boat on their way back to the mainland they can no longer ignore the fire that is racing between them. Oh yeah! Dana is engaged, what is she going to do about that?

Escape to Ecstasy is both erotic and cheesy at the same time. The storyline of the woman falling in love with her healer is almost played out. Copeland puts a twist in in by making the man need the woman as much as she needs him to heal her. Her female characters may be somewhat victims, but they have the strength to help their lovers overcome their issues. Good read.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Lakisha.

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