by Katherine Kingston, Vonna Harper and Annie Windsor

March 2003
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Equinox tells the story of a dagger passed through various periods of time, and the strength of three women who go to some pretty harrowing extremes to see that the sanctity of sexuality is kept intact.

In Walpurgis Night Katherine Kingston weaves the tale of a healer and a fierce Norseman who likes his ladies to submit to his dominant sexual desires! Fianna is a healer, and on the night of the Equinox she is forced to choose a partner, so that she can do her part in paying homage to the spirits that control the fertility of the land. Left with few possibilities that intrigue her she comes upon Henrick, a sexy newcomer. They embark on a night of sexual adventure and while Fianna is entranced, Henrick seeks to see the world and wants no commitments. When Fianna is again pressed to marry for the coming Walpurgis, she has a bit of a problem. Her heart lies with Henrick, and his lies with adventure. Will Fianna convince Henrick all the riches in the world await him with her?

In Night of Fire Vonna Harper brings us Maia, a virgin sent forward in time to mate with Taron Stanten (who, in Maia’s time, is referred to as Taurus) and bring him back to her time for Beltane - a celebration of spring and yup… fertility. She has no trouble convincing Taron to mate (see naked virgin offering her wares), but Taron is not only confused by her virginity, but by the idea that Maia’s people think he’s Taurus, as in the very potent bull! Will Taron choose to stay with Maia in her time and make the land fertile to save her people?

In Handle with Care Annie Windsor lends her genius to Tia Belmont. Tia is a Scientific Director, who lives on a planet in the future where men are extinct (big sigh of remorse was heard from this reader), and she’s in charge of searching for planets with possible male life. When Tia conjures up Brok via an ancient dagger, her dream man has officially arrived! Brok finds Tia exceptionally attractive even with her bodacious curves (scored big points with me!) and decides to claim her as his. Seems Brok’s planet has been on the hunt for compatible females, but there is a hitch. Compatibility can’t be determined until the lovemaking process has already begun, and if they are incompatible, then the male will die! Will Tia’s planet successfully mate with Brok’s?

The thread that binds this anthology together is the renewal of life and fertility, each distinctly portrayed by an author. It was interesting to see the flow of ideas culminate in one package with the dagger that brings the three stories together.

I was a bit disappointed in Henrick! Knowing full well Fianna must choose a man to marry or be cast out of the town, he was fully willing to hand her over to some other guy so he could embark on his travels to fame and fortune. Men! However the two had some steamy fun and that made up for my quarrel with his severe lack of sensitivity.

Maia’s interpretations of the male anatomy gave me a great deal to giggle over, this reader cracked up over Taron’s “seed maker”, that bears “life’s juice”! The terms were charming and Maia was a women hell bent on the path of fertility. The entire story was a hoot!

Now Brok… he can claim me in any ritual his little heart desires! There were many fun futuristic avenues in this story. The author’s imagination was delightful, and of the three stories I enjoyed this one the most. The sexual tension between Brok and Tia was hot, hot hot! Tia’s perception of her body, and her self esteem changed and grew to a very pleasing peak, due to Brok’s tenderness, and that was lovely.

A good time was had by this reader, there are plenty of new and old eras to explore, with a little time travel and some hot sex thrown into the mix!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.