by Barbara Delinsky

March 2003
ISBN: 0-446-53096-4
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Heart of the Night by Barbara Delinsky is a reissued book that in my opinion has withstood the test of time. First published in 1989, it had to be cutting edge for the time as two of the characters were concerned with safe sex, and the prevention of AIDS.

The story focuses around the kidnapping of Megan Vandermeer. Megan is the wife of Will Vandermeer, whose business is floundering, and his old money family is on the brink of becoming one of the new poor. With Meganís kidnapping Will turns to old family friend, Savannah. Savannah is an assistant attorney general, and takes the solving of Meganís kidnapping to heart. She refuses to allow anyone else to prosecute the case, and to that extent gives all of herself to the cause.

Will refuses to allow Savannah to call in the police. She does however manage to bring in some undercover officers, and her sister Susan. The officers are stymied because there are no clues that they can use to find who has taken Megan or where they might be holding her. It is Savannah who finally decides that there might be a clue in the ransom note, and ends up calling radio station WCIC and talking with the overnight disc jockey, Jared Snow.

Ms. Delinksy has created a story that flows from beginning to end in a most logical sequence. While the focus of the story is Meganís kidnapping, it does not overpower the relationships that develop between Savannah and Jared, and Susan and Sam Craig, one of the undercover agents assigned to solving the kidnapping. Ms. Delinksy has also personalized each womanís story to allow her the emotional growth she needs to commit to a long term loving relationship.

I have read many of Ms. Delinskyís stories, and continue to look forward to reading them again in the future.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Sandi.

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