by Gennita Low

April 2003
ISBN: 0-06-052338-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Into Danger, Gennita Low’s debut release deserves to win awards. I’d nominate it for best first novel, best mysterious heroine and best ending.

The news is out that with the appearance of the beautiful and mysterious assassin Marlena Maxwell in DC, someone is to die. To find out who the target is and to prevent the hit, Navy Seal Steve McMillan is sent in to gather the necessary information and to hand Marlena over to the CIA.

You’ve read right. Gennita Low is living dangerously. Introducing an assassin as a heroine. And what a worthy opponent she is. Seduce the girl, get the information and hand her over are his orders. Instead Steve’s being ensnared, played and…betrayed? Definitely a novel experience for the tough SEAL, a challenge he’s planning on winning.

Female assassins and killers as heroines are an interesting concept. Not done too often, I seem to only remember Tina St. John and Suzanne Forster right now. It doesn’t always work, but Ms. Low manages to introduce her as tough, brave, intelligent but also vulnerable. So just like the hero, I wasn’t appalled or disgusted by her and her profession, instead, just like Steve, I was enthralled by Marlena’s mysterious personality and admired her for her gutsy and sharp moves.

Interesting that Ms. Low never until the very end reveals all about her heroine. Usually it’s the other way around. It’s the hero that is mysterious and dangerous. However, Ms. Low carries it off with aplomb and in style! Doesn’t mean that the hero is in any way weak or incapable of dealing with the heroine, but it’s definitely not an easy ride. Especially as not all is as it seems.

So you have two wonderful, strong and sexy characters and then Ms. Low also introduces plenty intriguing secondary characters, all of them begging to star in their own stories. Sometimes it even felt a little crowded. There is a secondary romance happening and I wish Ms. Low had let me to experience and not just watch it.

Yes, that would be my only complaint. That the whole story is told only from the hero and heroine’s point of view. A few glimpses from the outside would have made it easier reading, not as exhausting. Then again with the natural, sexy and sassy banter happening I hardly ever wanted to leave Steve and Marlena.

Into Danger is a book one shouldn’t miss. Any Cherry Adair, Linda Howard or Suzanne Brockmann reader should have Gennita Low on her list. I do!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Kris Alice.

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