by Amy J. Fetzer

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3137-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

Riley Donovan, a member of Dragon One, is in Singapore with teammates Max and Sebastian, tracking a treasonous cocky young scientist in order to determine exactly what the scientist is selling and to whom. Once they get their hands on the scientist, they need to get him out of the country. Unfortunately, they run into Safia, the woman who saved Riley and Sam in Serbia, who has different plans.

Safia Troy works for the Company and she’s been tracking an arms dealer, who is after the same scientist. Safia breaks up the “kidnapping” Dragon One has instigated and allow the arms dealer to snatch the scientist but only so she can follow their trail and get to the “One”. Problem is Dragon One thinks she’s working for the arms dealer! Gonna take lots of explaining to get Dragon One to understand what’s really going on since they only have half the story, but together can Safia and Dragon One stop the horror that is about to hit?

Amy Fetzer has done it again with Fight Fire With Fire but oh, Ms. Fetzer, you are a very bad/good author, upsetting this reader like you did...but I forgive you because luckily, it was just a scare! Riley finally gets his story and we get to briefly visit with Max, Sebastian, Logan, Sam and their respective other halves. Safia is kick-ass and a loner but Riley shows her that he is her man by proving that she doesn’t have to go it alone! There is a lot going on in this book with a lot of different people and places, and at times can be confusing due to the jumping around the world, but the author ties it up very neatly. What could be better than Dragon One trying to stop a lunatic genius who has created the latest in weapons of mass destruction with the worst of delivery systems, who also dabbles in gene manipulation? Nothing, I tell you!

Reviewed in June 2009 by PamL.

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