by Sherry Hall Mauro

January 2009
ISBN: 1-60610-934-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Publish America
Trade Paperback

Itís been a long wait, but the next installment of the Devour Family Saga is here. Tangled Souls by Sherry Hall Mauro takes the reader back to the Tate Mansion where Sabrina lives with her husband Richard Tate and their daughter, Amelia Rose. Readers may expect the same chilling atmosphere they remember from the previous books: Even Angels Fall and The Face of Heaven. The curse of the Devour women, the psychic link Sabrina as the thirteenth daughter has with the Tate Mansion, and now Amelia Roseís link wait to mesmerize in Tangled Souls.

Sabrina has just found out that her daughter can hear the house speak. Amelia says that the houseís name is Rambling Rose. Sabrina canít speak to Richard about this new development. He does not want to hear anything about ghosts or haunted houses. While she is still trying to absorb the shock of Ameliaís announcement and deciding what action needs to be taken, Sabrina gets another bolt from the blue. Scarlett, Sabrinaís long lost twin sister, shows up on the doorstep at Tate Mansion. There is so much to take in added to the evil still haunting the house that Sabrina is not sure what to do next. But then a maid is injured by a specter and Sabrina insists Richard contact Dylan McGuire from Paranormal Researchers Group for help.

In Dylan, Sabrina has a friend. Someone who understands her and what she is going through while living in the mansion. In fact, he helps her understand herself. Dylan explains to Sabrina that he canít do what needs to be done in the Tate Mansion. Only she can. She is the chosen one, the angelic warrior. It reaches the point where Sabrina no longer has a choice. She must conquer the evil residing in the house in order to save her daughter. Despite their history and the feelings they suppress, Dylan and Sabrina must focus on the job at hand.

In Tangled Souls readers find out more of the legend of Tate Mansion/Rambling Rose. While not original it is nonetheless interesting to see how the author incorporates it into Sabrinaís story. Sabrina struggles to make sense of her family, both the past and the present, while at the same time trying to find a way to save them. This book is action-packed. There were times I had to backtrack because things moved along so quickly.

Given that it has been several years since reading about the Devour family, I re-read the last chapter of The Face of Heaven to remind myself where the saga left Sabrina. However, first time readers should have no problem enjoying this story on its own.

Reviewed in January 2009 by Rho.

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