by Leanne Banks

May 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61172-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Summer is near and the first perfect beach reads are being released. Letís start with Leanne Banksí Some Girls Do. And yes, it is a single title and not a category release.

Candidate: Katie Collins.

Assignment: Find husband for the bossís daughter, Wilhelmina

Incentive: Hundred thousand dollars.

Duration: Six weeks.

Conditions: Work closely together with security specialist Michael Wingate and move into the bossís villa.

As personal assistant the assignment might not be the usual one, but what can one expect from the rich. Still, when the assignment leads to her letting down her hair, putting on make-up and doing everything to draw attention to her, itís not what she wants. And following Wilhelmina to Texas is nearly as bad as having to put up with her dead motherís advice. Always regarding her constant companion, Michael, and always definitely worth listening to. After all heís a gentleman, a supportive friend and yes a wonderful lover.

Itís obvious that Leanne Banks enjoyed the freedom of a single title release. Her choice of words is proof enough. And as a reader itís just as much fun to be part of this road trip with its cozy encounter in a closet, wild bar brawl, margarita party and joyful family reunion.

Have your hanky ready, make sure to always read the instructions on any contraceptives, fall in love with Wilhelmina Ė she deserves it! Ė adore a furless cat and be touched by Katie and Michaelís story.

Looking at the cover and reading the title might give you the idea this could be yet another chick lit release, but no this is Leanne Banks at her best. Itís emotional and moving. Basically itís one of Leanne Banksí category releases, only longer and therefore more satisfying.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Kris Alice.

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