by Colleen Easton

February 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7337-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Eli Blaylock and Genna Whitworth are childhood friends from two different worlds, him a fisherís son and her, a Boston heiress. For years both believed the other to be dead, murdered in an Indian attack that killed so many.

Now 17 years later their find each other again. Genna who was on her way to live with her brother in California, after she refused to succumb to her brother-in-law, is rescued from a shipwreck by Eli, a sea captain now. Instead of reaching California she nearly dies on the Florida coast. Saved by Eli and his young fiancťe she now not only has to fear her brother-in-law who is bound to be after her and the money she took to pay for her trip, but she also has to fear her growing desire for a man promised to another.

Itís beautiful and moving to experience their pain, anger and doubts and to join them on their journey towards recovery and redemption. I felt deeply touched by the exceptional nature of Ms. Eastonís characters. There never was a moment when I questioned their actions, their motivations and their destiny. Always grateful to be part of their lives, if only for 318 pages savoring each heart wrenching and intense moment.

Bit for bit their shared past is pieced together and revealed to the reader. In general, Iím not the biggest fan of flashbacks but I enjoyed all of them in this tale, as they were woven in with skill and purpose.

Despite the pain and the anger Ms. Eastonís writing voice is light. Like a summer breeze, but with hot and treacherous conditions threatening to turn the breeze into a devastating summer storm. And with the scents and sounds, as well as that particular society, so carefully portrait and researched it became an easy pleasure to enter the world of 1857ís Florida Keys.

Dangerous Attraction is an unusual story, intriguing in its choice of setting and characters. Not your usual fare and as such a very pleasant surprise. This story and its author deserve to find many more appreciative readers. Have your hankies ready and await in eager anticipation her upcoming releases!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Kris Alice.

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