by Kat Martin

September 1995
ISBN: 0-8217-6568-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Genny Austin has been tormented by nightmares and insomnia ever since her husband was murdered two years ago. She has tried everything - sleep studies, psychology, and other not so recognized methods. But instead of getting better, her nightmares are becoming more and more terrifying and realistic. Against all reason, she has become convinced that she is dreaming about scenes from previous life - one where she was a sadistic murderer.

When Jack Brennan meets Genny on one of her late night walks on the beach, he knows she isn't his type. After all, he drives a Harley and lives life on the wild side and she is a straight and narrow librarian. However, despite their differences, he can't help but lust after her. Genny knows that Jack isn't the kind of man to be interested in a relationship; he is just after a one-night stand. Regardless his strength draws her at a time when she desperately needs it.

Though Jack wants to help Genny, he has problems of his own. Because of money troubles, he is on the verge of losing his business. Even worse, someone is out to kill him. His burgeoning relationship with Genny isn't helping matters - he's never been the kind of man to settle down with one woman and his feelings for her are scaring him even more than the threat on his life.

Genny knows that she needs to learn about her past life in order to finally rid herself of her nightmares and get on with her present life. However, what she learns about her previous life parallels eerily with her current circumstances and could possibly end her tenuous relationship with Jack.

The Dream keeps the reader intrigued from the first chapter to the last. Even though some of the plot is predictable, there is a twist here and there that you don't see coming and keeps you turning the pages to see how it is resolved. The romance that develops between Jack and Genny has its ups and downs and is depicted realistically, and at times very passionately!

The Dream contains subject matter that many may find unbelievable, such as reincarnation. However, the way Kat Martin portrays it, it is easy to keep an open mind about the possibility of its existence. The Dream is a perfect blend of romance, mystery and suspense and is sure to appeal to a variety of readers.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Nicole.

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