by Lauren Dane

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22760-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Heat
Trade Paperback

Ever since their universe was settled fifteen families of rank, privilege and wealth have ruled the Federated Universes. In recent days the once silent voices of the unranked low and middle classes have begun a strident call for a new order. At the head of this movement is Abbie Haws, a barrister who has spent her life fighting for the voiceless unranked; she is determined to change the system no matter the cost to her heart.

When she is granted a coveted meeting with Roman Lyons, the head of House Lyons the most powerful of the ruling families, Abbie wastes no time apprising Roman of the realities of the unranked. The strong attraction that sparks between them takes them both off guard but quickly becomes a guilty pleasure neither can deny. But there are those individuals, ranked and unranked, who will stop at nothing to remove the obstacle that Abbie has become. They would sooner see her dead, her cause destroyed than share power with the unranked.

Lauren Dane’s follow-up to her single title NY debut is sexy as hell! Relentless is a futuristic sexfest that will make the romantic in you swoon and the hedonist purr. Characters of admirable strength and true nobility give this story a true depth. It is a must-read-over-and-over-again kind of book. That is how much you will love this Romeo-and-Juliet-esque (without the poison) book.

Reviewed in October 2009 by Cynthia.

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