by Livia Dare

June 2009
ISBN: 978-1420100907
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sapphire has spent the last five years as the King of Sariís most favored concubine. He desires her above all others, including his queen. He believes he loves her but he barely even knows who she really is. However, it is time to put the rumors about the royal couple to rest and sire an heir. To do so the king is convinced to release Sapphire from her contract and settle a queenly sum and grand home upon her.

Before Sapphire, born Katie Erickson, can settle into her much anticipated independence the intrigue of the royal court follows her and places and unexpected gift in her hands.

Battered, bloody and near death Wulfric, crown prince of enemy kingdom DíAshier awakens in the company of his very own angel. Her sensual beauty calls to him clearing mind and stimulating his body. That she is the daughter of his most powerful adversary and the beloved of his hated enemy means nothing to him. She is a combat trained warrior whose sensuality is a perfect match for his. As foolhardy as a liaison between them would be, neither Sapphire nor Wulfric can resist the attraction they share.

Livia Dare, also known as Sylvia Day, heats things up with her sci-fi romance In the Flesh. The first in a forthcoming series, In the Flesh introduces us to two dynamic characters in Katie/Sapphire and Wulfric. Strong sexual beings who are passionate about each other and equally passionate about their independence. Watching them battle it out will titillate and arouse you. Donít miss this one.

Reviewed in April 2010 by Cynthia.

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