by Shana Abe

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-553-80685-4
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Author Shana Abe's Drakon series offers readers a unique version of dragon lore. Once the most powerful beings on earth, the mythical creatures have learned to blend in to the human world to become part of society and to keep their secrets tucked away. Their existence is under siege from a group of human hunters, and things continue to escalate in her latest book, The Treasure Keeper.

A seamstress' s daughter, Zoe Cyprienne Lane believes she is just an ordinary girl until the day that she discovers her Gifts. Desperate to keep the leaders of Darkfirth from finding out about her magical talents, she keeps them hidden away. She does not want to become the property of the clan Alpha, who would marry her to his one of his sons, as custom dictates.

When several emissaries, including Lord Rhys Langford, disappear on their way to the Carpathian Mountains, everyone fears the worst. Zoe is unwilling to let go so easily. She leaves Darkfirth and makes her way to Paris, where they were last seen. She is ready to do whatever she can to learn their fates. She hopes she is not too late.

The Treasure Keeper is a book full of surprises. There are several new developments in the war against the sanf inimicus, including the identity of their drakon contact. Readers will cheer for Zoe as she struggles to learn to use her Gifts and then utilize them to save the people she loves

Reviewed in March 2009 by Paula.

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