by Sophie Jordan

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-157917-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Tall, beautiful Fallon O’Rourke intends to keep her virtue and find a real home, no matter the cost. Orphaned since the age of 13, and dumped by her Da’s employer at the Penwich School for Virtuous Girls, Fallon had formed an allegiance with two other girls there. Now on her own, Fallon’s looks have been a detriment in keeping employment. The final lecherous man who thought he could have his way with her just got what for thanks to a not so weak Fallon. Fallon decides she needs to “hide” herself and chops off her one remaining vanity, her luxurious golden red locks. Seeking safety disguised as a man, Fallon finds her haven at the household of the demon duke himself, Dominic Hale.

Ever since aiding the flame haired goddess in her escape from an over amorous employer, Dominic Hale, the Duke of Damon has been obsessed with her. He has dreamed of her, imagined her in the faces of the trollops he uses in his bed to numb the painful past he is haunted by. Dubbed by the ton as the “demon duke” for his debauchery, Dominic thumbs his nose at polite society and moves to the beat of his own drum. Upon noticing the new footman, Dominic is intrigued by “Francis” from the beginning, for the “boy” stands up to him, and speaks “his” mind on how “he” views the duke’s lifestyle. Seeing past the façade rakish Dominic hides behind, Fallon/Francis begins to get a better understanding for the duke, and feelings develop that she knows she must not act on; her new found job security could be compromised if she does. However The Sins of a Wicked Duke could crack Fallon’s final defense as she succumbs to him.

A five rose bouquet goes to The Sins of a Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan, the first in her new trilogy following the adventures of three lifelong friends from the Penwich School for Virtuous Girls. Fallon is splendid in her take no crud attitude and her ability to defend herself and her values. Dominic Hale despite his appalling behavior is soon shed in a brighter light for the reasons for his wicked ways, and you will fall for him just as easily as Fallon does.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Bonnie.

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