by Elizabeth White

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0310273905
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Trade Paperback

Gilly Kincade has dreamed of making soloist in the New York ballet for some time, and when the soloist in the performance of Swan Lake injures herself badly enough requiring a trip to the Emergency Room, Gilly gets her chance. She is prepared…mentally and physically, and she knows the part well.

Artistic Director Jacob Ferrar has left New York and is trying to pursue his career in ballet while getting a degree in physical therapy on the side. When he sees Gilly Kincade perform, Jacob is captivated by the beautiful woman who danced her way across the stage. Gilly is perfect for projects that Jacob has on his mind, and the fact that she’s an outspoken Christian makes her even more perfect.

But Jacob’s dreams have obstacles to overcome before they become reality. And an injury that Gilly sustains may make her incapable of performing even if Jacob is able to reach his dream. What will it take for Gilly and Jacob to achieve their desires?

Tour De Force is the latest book by Ms. White, and like her previous books, Tour De Force is a winner. Written in a tight, concise manner, the reader is instantly engaged completely in the story, and even the fact that they may not be familiar with ballet or its terms isn’t an issue, as a glossary of ballet terms is included in the book. For instance, I didn’t know that Tour de Force is a ballet term meaning an arresting, vital step; a feat of technical skill such as a series of brilliant pirouettes or a combination of outstanding jumps and beats. Knowing this, makes the title much more meaningful after having read the book.

Gilly, in spite of being way out of my league, is a real, fun-loving, quirky character that would have been fun to know if she were real. Jacob is a great hero, flawed, with problems that could drag him down, but he has a faith in God that keeps him going, even when situations go from bad to worse.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tour De Force, and reconnecting with some of the characters in Ms. White’s book Off the Record as well. Don’t miss Tour De Force. Available now at your favorite Christian bookseller, or at

Reviewed in April 2009 by Laura.

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