by Susan May Warren

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1414313122
Reviewer Graphic Button Tyndale
Trade Paperback

PJ Sugar has spent her life running. From a false accusation of arson in high school, (where she promised she’d get out of town if they don’t press charges), she went from job to job, doing everything from feeding zoo animals to stunt driving.

But when PJ’s perfect sister, Connie calls, needing PJ to watch her son while she goes on her honeymoon, what can PJ do? After all, she’s between jobs and needing somewhere new to run to after her boyfriend dumps her. It’ll give her a chance to get to know Davy, and how much trouble can a four-year-old be?

Add in an exclusive preschool, a murder occurring within hours of PJ’s arrival home and the arrest of someone that PJ knows is innocent, and life starts getting interesting. The question is, how can PJ possibly stay out of trouble?

I have been looking forward to reading Nothing But Trouble for some time, so was thrilled when it showed up in my to-be-read pile. And when I needed a book to read for long hours at the hospital the other day, what else would I grab but a book by one of my favorite authors?

Susan May Warren did not let me down. Nothing But Trouble is a wonderful book. PJ is a realistic heroine, loveable and hurting, struggling to find the right thing to do, but as per the name of the book, she couldn’t help but get into trouble. The question is, will she find herself in the process?

Don’t miss Nothing But Trouble. It is sure to be nothing but enjoyment.

Reviewed in May 2009 by Laura.

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