by Melanie Rawn

April 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7653-1533-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books

Bestselling author Holly McClure and her sheriff husband, Evan Lachlan, have settled in the small town of Pocahontas County. Away from the gritty violence of New York, they hope to bring up their children in Hollyís ancestral town. But Holly is no normal woman Ė sheís a witch and her entire family is respected and talented spell casters.

When a number of mysterious fires break out in churches across the county, itís up to Evan and Holly to solve the case. Evan believes the fires have something to do with the new owners of the old Westmoreland plantation, but accusations of black magic would never stand up in court. With the help of family and friends, Holly and Evan use witchcraft to help them solve the mystery...

Fire Raiser is a mixture of romance, intrigue and fantasy. While the storyline is a good one, I found the elements of romance to be lacking. There were moments between the lead characters Holly and Evan, as well as between Cam and Jamey, but this story is more of an urban fantasy.

I found Fire Raiser an interesting read, however there were many characters introduced throughout the book and at times this became confusing. As did the jumps in timeline from past to present and back again. The pacing of the story would speed up and slow down, lacking in consistency and making for a long read.

Despite this, one of the redeeming features is the likeability factor of the characters, especially Cam and Jamey whose love for one another shines through the pages. Itís disappointing the blurb sells the book on the romance of a heterosexual couple Ė Holly and Evan, when the majority of the plot revolves around a homosexual romance.

Fire Raiser is an intriguing read with interesting characterization. However, in my opinion, itís not a keeper.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Donna.

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