by Laurie Brown

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1402218316
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Mass Market Paperback

Eleanor Pottinger was supposed to be going to the Jane Austen Festival for her honeymoon, but her fiance' dumped her six months ago. She has moved on and uses this trip as a business opportunity to give a fashion seminar for the Festival attendees. A mix-up with her room reservation lands her in a room that is different from what she expected. She comes face-to-face with two sisters who are ghosts haunting her current accommodations. Deirdre and Emma claim they can't "cross over" until Eleanor helps prevent a deadly duel involving their brother that took place during Jane Austen's era of Regency England. Suddenly Eleanor is swept back in time to 1814. Luckily her research and studies keep her from being too much of a "fish out of water", but some details are quite different from what Regency romances promote.

Lord Shermont is the lord who was supposed to have killed the sister's brother, Teddy. It is easy for Eleanor to flirt and learn more about the rakish Shermont. He is the epitome of the Regency romance hero with his good looks and smooth manners. Lord Shermont seems to reciprocate Eleanor's attraction. They both feel the passion that is simmering right below the surface.

Eleanor has her mission to try to change history and Lord Shermont has his own mission involving the Napoleonic war and spies. If she is successful, will Eleanor have to give up a chance at true love?

Eleanor is a smart woman with a passionate nature. She has to work hard to not let her modern views reveal her true identity. Lord Shermont is more than an alpha hero. He has a tender, caring center under his womanizing ways.

The author skillfully weaves time travel and Regency romance into a delectable mix. I loved how she worked Jane Austen into the plot. In recent years I have read and/or reviewed many novels in my pursuit of "all things Austen." What Would Jane Austen Do? is a worthy contender for the best of the bunch.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Roberta.

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